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Beloved, but obedient and study hard. But contrary to Cana's thoughts, his younger brother continuously gambled and joined gangs. One day, he returned home in fear. When asked, Cana learned that her brother stole his brother's money and poured it all into gambling. They have called you to see him, and he will definitely not spare your life. Cana decided to go with her brother to Bose to apologize for her excessive love for her brother. As soon as Grandfather saw Cana, he was fascinated by her beauty. He agreed to forgive her brother's debt, but only on one condition. I mean you should be his girlfriend for ten days Then her new life begins. She is only allowed to wear indecent underwear or be nude so she can seduce her whenever she wants, even in front of her children. But the joy of a big cock,

The older sister offered her pussy to the gangster to fuck her brother to repay his debt
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 Actor: Kana Momonogi